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Diana Faraj

DF IMG Website Icon 512x512Master Gold and Silversmith
Jewellery Designer

When masterful craftsmanship and the finest materials come together, the result is jewellery of great beauty. Using traditional goldsmith techniques, Diana Faraj creates masterfully purist pieces of jewellery with elegantly curved shapes and contours. The choice of 750/18K red and white gold, combined with selected gemstones in unique natural tones, makes the jewellery an authentic companion and a commitment to sustainable luxury.
After training as a goldsmith in Münster, Diana Faraj worked for several years for jewellery designer Egon Frank in Meerbusch. She completed her master’s degree while working for the renowned Schubart company in Düsseldorf. These two stations have laid a perfect foundation for creations of exceptional quality.

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+49 211 93596064

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Jewellery Consultation

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