Puristic Ear Jewellery with
Selected Gemstones and Brilliants

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Ear Rings, Aquamarine and Red Gold

Aquamarine, Red Gold

Ear Ring Studs, Brilliants and White Gold

Brilliants, White Gold

Ear Rings, Chrysoprase and Red Gold

Chrysoprase, Red Gold

Ear Rings, Red Gold

Pure, Red Gold

Ear Rings, Rose Quartz and Red Gold

Rose Quartz, Red Gold

Ear Rings, White Gold

Pure, White Gold

Ear Rings, Chalcedony and Red Gold

Chalcedony, Red Gold

Navette, Red Gold

Navette, Red Gold

Navette, White Gold

Navette, White Gold

Diana Faraj Schmuck IconCollection Made of 18K
Red und White Gold